Feature Pg 30: Dr. Steve Malley’s Dracul

The Las Vegas entrepreneur Danny Koker, owner of Count’s Kustoms, built this bike in 2007. Danny was the host of a local late night horror television program “Saturday Fright at the Movies” where he acquired the nickname Count Cool Rider. Danny portrayed the vampire count, which he created for the show and it just seemed to fit.

Danny has built bikes for many famous people including Motley Crue and Ozzy Osborn. He is also the expert on custom choppers, hot rods and classic cars on the television series Pawn Stars. Darcul is powered by a 96ci S & S Motor and a Baker 6 speed transmission. The bike originally had a crushed red velvet seat which really gave it the vampire feel. Danny is a huge Elvis fan and incorporated this on the back wheel with the TCB above the skulls (taking care of business).

The front end was built by world famous Sugar Bear, whose motto is “If it ain’t long, it’s wrong.” In the early 1970’s it was apparent that a quality springer was needed to reflect chopper riders desires for the long look, but it needed to be strong and stylish at the same time. Sugar Bear came up with a plan to build a springer constructed out of solid steel, the triple trees were offset for a greater turning radius, and both sets of legs (front and back) were made from round material only, which resulted in a clean and simple design. As demand grew for longer front ends, Sugar Bear knew he had to come up with a way to make the forks manageable and easy to ride. He figured out the cure was to use different rockers for different lengths of forks to adjust the rake and the trail of the bike. As a result, Sugar Bear has been able to set up bikes with long forks with zero flop, smooth ride and great handling.

Steve has made a few changes from the original bike, but it is one awesome looking machine and he rides it often! He says it rides and handles like a dream and he is proud to have it in his collection.


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