Feature Pg 36: Brad’s Blue Bagger

What do you do with a brand new streetglide that you haven’t even made the first payment on? Well, if you’re Brad Dobbs from Benbrook, Texas you cut the neck off and stuff a 26 in. wheel under it! You see Brad had a plan, or a vision let’s say. That vision is this bad ass blue bagger you see here. From front to back this bike has been changed or altered, without losing any of that good ol’ Harley reliability. Brad actually jumps on this show winner and goes.

When it came time to start this transformation, Brad enlisted the help of Jay Carter (you know Jay Carter) and James Haby. The three of them tore into the bagger and left behind a huge pile of stock parts, which all went on e-bay. Next the crew cut the neck and raked it 9 degrees and installed a set of HHI 9 degree trees too. With Ness legs and cowbells in place they crammed a 26 in. Southern wheel and Vee rubber tire on the frontend. With that task complete, the trio needed parts, and everybody knows the only place to get parts this cool is at Thunder Alley Cycles. Whether it’s Paul Yaffe, Sinister, or Klockwerks, Thunder Alley Cycles deals in it all.

Mock up consisted of test fitting all the new pieces Brad acquired. The new Sinister fairing, front and rear fenders, stretched saddlebags, and side panels, fell into place like they belonged. Paul Yaffe supplied the stretched tank and dash which of course fit like a glove. Cycle Sounds provided the saddlebag lids which house the new 6×9 speakers. New Cyclesmith handlebars and running boards were installed, and a LePera seat top off the build. With mock up complete they tore apart the bike and sent everything out to paint and powdercoat.

For paint Brad chose William Mays Custom Paint. He also picked this striking blue color out of the new House of Kolor Shrimrin 2 series. With just a few black accents here and there, this blue bagger begs for your attention. Final assembly was like a party in a strip club, it was fun but it wasn’t cheap. Brad really pulled out all the stops when it came down to the details and little things.


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