Feature Pg 8: Insanity

Jason Hicks, owner of Just Hawgs, started riding motorcycles at age 5 and over the years he knew he had found his true love. At age 17, he bought his first Harley Davidson, but money was tight, so the only way he was going to keep it up and running was for him to learn to work on it himself.

As the years passed, Jason worked his full time job and continued to learn everything he could about motorcycles. In 1988, a friend of his, Rich Gress and Jason decided to open Just Hawgs. With a full time job already, the shop started out as just a hobby for Jason working nights and weekends.

It seemed to fulfill his addiction at the time, but as time went on and the shop began to grow it became more than a hobby. 6 years ago, Jason leaped into Total Madness; he bought out his partner, quit his job and became a full time shop owner. Jason has never looked back. He specializes in complete motor and transmission work for any vintage Harley, does maintenance and he can modify or custom build any thing the customer desires.

One day Sean O’Laker, Jason’s friend and custom painter brought a frame into the shop and set it down on the floor. Jason said, “What is this for?” Sean replied, “It is the start for your new bike.” Jason started collecting parts; he bought a gastank and built the bike around the tank. Most of the parts were fabricated in house as he put this dream bike together.

When it was time to go to paint, Jason just let Sean go. A year and a half later and over 1000 hours, the final result is amazing! Pictures can not do this bike justice as each skull is different, but flows with the theme of the bike.

Jason would like to give a special Thank You to Sean for all the blood, sweat & tears he poured into the paint on this very special project. If you are heading to Sturgis this year, Jason will have “Insanity” in the bike show, so check it out up close and personal! It is one Insane Bike!


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